Episode 10 – Is It Fallacious to Attempt to Decide Up Women in a Dungeon? IV

Beware the Juggernaut, my son! The jaws that chew, the claws that snatch! Ignore the teachings of Lewis Carroll‘s basic nonsense poem at your peril, as a result of when it is within the context of Bell Cranell’s struggle towards the Juggernaut, the Dungeon’s last line of protection, it is trying a lot much less like nonsense and extra like one in every of Cassandra’s prophecies. This explicit monster might also be a secret stored too properly, as a result of whereas Ouranos explains to Fells that he stored the beast’s existence below wraps, it seems that of the 2 adventurers who find out about it, one in every of them is absolutely the final one that ought to.

That is, after all, Jura, one of many males liable for the wholesale slaughter of Astraea Familia. They might not have meant to commit homicide by way of Juggernaut 5 years in the past, however it was hardly one thing they did not welcome, even when it meant that the majority of Rudra Familia additionally perished, though Jura appears to have modified his tune a bit since then; to listen to him recount it to Bell, it appears like they had been delighted to have a simple approach of wiping out the hated members of the all-woman familia and it was solely later, when Jura realized that Ryu had additionally survived, that it took on the air of a improper to be righted.

And nothing fairly says “unhinged poisonous lunatic” like a man who resents a girl for surviving his blatant homicide try. We knew Jura wasn’t of sound thoughts a number of episodes in the past, however he is taken on a completely new degree of madness now that he is unleashed what he thinks of as “his” monster. Jura is completely satisfied that he can tame the beast together with his magic whip, and there is a sense that that is at the least partially as a result of he survived it the final time. In his thoughts, the truth that it did not kill him earlier than implies that he is someway stronger than it, and subsequently suited to be its grasp, and he so despises Ryu that it would not even happen to him that she additionally survived the Juggernaut’s rampage 5 years in the past. He sneeringly tells her that her lone survivor standing is someway lower than his as a result of her familia members gave their lives in order that she might stay; he frames her survivor’s guilt as her having killed the remainder of them herself. And whereas anime-only followers could fear that I am spoiling ebook info right here, that is extra interpretation primarily based on how manipulative he is been this entire time. He blames Ryu for doing to him what he is been attempting to do to her, and it isn’t that onerous to see him turning her survival into the worst attainable interpretation of occasions. If Jura says that Ryu killed Astrea Familia, you’ll be able to wager cash that that is by no means what occurred.

In that sense, Bell, the perpetual white knight, is an added boon to him. Jura is taking part in with the truth that Ryu misplaced everybody pricey to her as a approach of manipulating her into the Juggernaut’s path a second time. Bell, somebody she clearly cares about, will be counted on to sacrifice himself to save lots of her, throwing Ryu into the very same state of affairs she discovered herself in years in the past. It is the lemon juice within the papercut of Jura’s plan, constructing on the horror Ryu should really feel watching even unrelated adventurers be mowed down by the monster proper earlier than her eyes. That is by far the bloodiest, most grotesque episode of the collection to this point, and it is made even worse by the ultimate shot of Bell closing his eyes.

However all hope shouldn’t be misplaced. Ouranos talked about that the Xenos know what the Dungeon’s screams imply, and even when most of them are serving to with Knossos, there’s nonetheless somebody left who will help, if she will get there earlier than the lights really fade.


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